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The PGV Network is a multilateral European partnership which, since its creation in 1994, has brought together university researchers to address a major issue: the transformations that have taken place in the economy, management and culture of Eastern European companies and societies since the fall of the Berlin Wall. 


29th International Conference of the ERECO-PGV Network

The 29th International Conference of the ERECO-PGV Network will take place in Banska bystrica, Slovakia, from January 25 to 27, 2023.
It will be organized by the University of Mateja Bela and will focus on the theme :


Inscription 2023-2024

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During the 27th international conference of October 21-21, 2021, in Porto, the members of the network, gathered in General Assembly, decided on the principle of an annual fee of 60 € paid by all members.

Different means of payment: Bank transfer (IBAN), check, cash and credit card.

Management and Governance Magazine n°26

In the issue among others:

Study of the incentives and disincentives for Covid vaccine discovery in France using the ADI (Institutional Analysis and Development) framework.
Francis CALVÉ

Business angels" in Covid times.

Will the pandemic crisis lead to a global reset?
Constantin ANGHELACHE, Mădălina-Gabriela ANGHEL, Ștefan Virgil IACOB, Ana Maria POPESCU

Publications & conferences

Research within the network regularly gives rise to publications in various French or foreign media. It is punctuated, annually, by the organization of international conferences.
Since 1994, nineteen conferences have been organized and the proceedings published by the host institutions.

The partners

The international and interdisciplinary composition of the network makes it a center of expertise that may be unique in Europe. Its expertise is mainly in favor of partner universities and companies. The Network has benefited from the support of the Pierre Mendès France University and its component IUT2, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassies and certain economic and cultural organizations.

ERECO PGV's research

Historically, three axes have contributed to federate the members of the Network. A fourth axis was established after the 2007 Enlargement, which mobilized the members on the major issues of the European Union.


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