Laboratory partners - PGV Network

The international and interdisciplinary composition of the network makes it a center of expertise that may be unique in Europe. Its expertise is mainly in favor of partner universities and companies. The Network has benefited from the support of the Université Pierre Mendès France and its component IUT2, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies and certain economic and cultural organizations. In the context of the Bologna agreements, the UPMF and the IUT2, as well as the PGV network, have provided strong support to Polish and Slovakian universities: setting up new courses (professional bachelor's degrees), support for the professionalization of training, hosting and sending trainees, and support for the establishment of new degrees.

The annual conferences of the PGV network have tried to provide answers to the questions of Central European companies, but also of French companies seeking to invest in the East. This orientation dates back to the origin of the network, with the participation in programs (Phare, ATP, COCOP...) intended to analyze, at first, the answers given by French companies to the development of the new Central European markets. After the European integrations of 2004 and 2007, research was oriented towards the competitiveness of East European companies in the single market. The programs have benefited from the support of French companies and support organizations such as the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Economic Expansion Offices in France and abroad. With the Polonium project (2007, Grenoble-Katowice) a team studied the influence of organizational cultures on internationalization strategies.

Since 2007, new French and foreign university partners have joined the Network in the framework of ODYSSEE, a research program on the Observation of European Socio-Economic Dynamics.

Partner institutions

Among the non-academic organizations that have provided support, we note the presence of diplomatic institutions:
- the embassies of Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Romania in France,
- French embassies and economic expansion posts in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Romania.
In addition to these institutions, there are French and foreign economic organizations (companies, consultants, chambers of commerce and industry), cultural organizations (foundations, French cultural institutes and centers, etc.) and French and foreign scientific press.

- Partnership with the RSG. In France, the Revue des Sciences de Gestion -Direction et gestion- is a partner of the PGV network. It reports on scientific events that have occurred within the network (announcements of conferences, publications...). The President of the PGV network is vice-president of the International Evaluation and Reading Committee of the RSG. Several members of the Board of Directors of the network are also members of this International Committee. The Director of the RSG is a member of the International Scientific Committee of the Management & Governance Journal.

- Partnership with UPEG. The Université Populaire Européenne de Grenoble (UPEG) organizes, on a regular basis, high level conferences on European topics. Its founding president is Henri Oberdorff, Professor at the Law Faculty of Grenoble. UPEG and the PGV network have different but complementary objectives.

- Partnership with the RMS. The Journal of Management and Strategy (RMS) is an online journal directed by Romain Zerbib.

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Bilateral agreements

The development of the Network is regularly punctuated by the signing of framework agreements between the Université Pierre Mendès France and member universities. The content of these agreements meets the objectives of welcoming and training foreign undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, as well as foreign teachers, post-doctoral fellows and experts. Reciprocally, they provide for the hosting of French students by foreign companies and the sending of French professors and researchers to training and research programs abroad.

The cooperation agreements serve as a basis for the establishment of joint undergraduate or graduate degrees, co-supervision of theses, joint publications and the organization of international conferences. They can be financially supported by the partner universities, by foundations, governments, the European Union or the World Bank.

Since 1989, seven agreements have been signed by the Pierre Mendès France University of Grenoble.
- 1989 University of Lodz in Poland
- 1998 Economic University of Bratislava in Slovakia
- 1999 Economic University of Katowice in Poland
- 2000 Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi in Romania
- 2003 Economic Academy of Svishtov in Bulgaria
- 2004 Technical University of Lodz in Poland
- 2006 University of West Timisoara in Romania
- 2007 ISLA University of Lisbon in Portugal

The cooperation agreements are broad enough to allow for the participation of various components of the Université Mendès France. Their management is systematically entrusted to the component that houses the GREG team, in this case, the University Institute of Technology (IUT II), which ensures the pedagogical and financial management.

The originality of the PGV Network, its relatively unprecedented character in the European university framework, lies in the fact that it is a multilateral configuration of European university centers reinforced, depending on the case, by bilateral agreements with a French university.

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