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The ERECO-PGV Network is a multilateral European partnership which, since its creation in 1994, has brought together university researchers around a major issue: the transformations that have taken place in the economy, management and culture of Eastern European companies and societies since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Since the integrations of 2004 and 2007, the members of the Network have decided to orient their research towards the socio-economic dynamics of the European Union.


In 2010, the PGV network obtained the legal status of Association law 1901. Its name "PGV Network" is that of a non-governmental organization with an international scientific vocation whose purpose is to bring together a group of researchers from Central and Western Europe and the Mediterranean region around a scientific project entitled: "Observatory of European socio-economic dynamics".

Its bilateral and multilateral cooperation creates opportunities for inter-university exchanges and partnerships from countries as far away as Eastern and Southern Europe.


  • The development of a mainly French-speaking cooperation on a common research field,
  • International collaboration with access to information for all new members,
  • Expansion of hosting opportunities for doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows and experts,
  • Better synergy in responding to national or international calls for tender,
  • Increased publishing opportunities,
  • The organization of workshops, conferences, seminars, at regular intervals.

The association

The association " Réseau PGV " is located at 2 Place Doyen Gosse, 38031 Grenoble, France.
Its Board includes : Ghislaine PELLAT, President, Jana MARASOVA, General Secretary, Ewa BOGALSKA-MARTIN, Treasurer.
The director of the IUT2 of Grenoble, Laurence BILLARD, is a member by right.
The Board of Directors of the Association is composed of the members of the Steering Committee who represent most of the partner universities.
The General Assembly of the Association gathers all the members.

During the 27th international conference of October 21-21, 2021, in Porto, the members of the network, gathered in General Assembly, decided on the principle of an annual fee of 60 € paid by all members.

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Membership form
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